St Jude
Pump Aid

Aspect is committed to playing an active part in the wider community. The ability to ‘make a difference’ is of great importance to the entire company. Employees are actively encouraged to participate in fund-raising activities and to give their time to charitable causes. Each year, Aspect allocates a certain amount of its annual profit before tax to a range of charitable contributions. This process is managed by a Charity Committee, which is made up of employees from across the business and makes donations to a range of local, national and international charities.


The Mango Tree

This June, Aspect’s Charity Committee and Sports Committee proudly teamed up to organise Aspect’s annual sponsored event. This year, they held a “Bikeathon” in order to raise funds for the highly effective Mango Tree, a fantastic charity dedicated to creating sustainable education for orphaned children in Tanzania and Kenya. The Mango Tree offers pastoral care and mentorship that enable these children to flourish and to make something of themselves. 



The School of St Jude
Aspect Capital has been supporting the School of St Jude in Tanzania since 2009. This school provides a free, high-quality education to over 1,800 Tanzanian children who, due to extreme poverty and societal pressures, would otherwise likely be forced into labour or marriage. Drawn from families who often live on less than $1.25 per day, the first year of St Jude’s graduates finished in the top 10% in Tanzania and have already begun teaching future generations in local government schools.




Cancer Research UK- The Francis Crick Institute

In 2013, Aspect raised funds for Cancer Research UK (CRUK) at its annual sponsored charity event. Aspect's support will help change the picture for cancer patients in the UK and beyond by helping CRUK create a new medical research institute of global importance and impact, The Francis Crick Institute. Located in the heart of London, the Institute will house 1,500 scientists and will be of a scale to enable a unique and powerful approach to beating cancer and saving lives in the UK and internationally.


Building the Ambarass High School with Enable Ethiopia

Aspect has worked closely with Enable Ethiopia for several years. This charity works with communities in the remote Simian Mountain region of Ethiopia. Previous projects have included the provision of clean water facilities, a primary school and a health centre. Aspect was also recently involved in a project to provide a high school to one of the communities.


Malawi Water Project with Pump Aid

Aspect has provided financial support for a project run by Pump Aid for the provision of clean and safe water supplies for two rural communities in Malawi. Nearly 2,400 individuals in the communities of Lilongwe and Mchinji have benefited from this initiative. Aspect has provided further backing for Pump Aid for the research and development of the next generation of their technology to deliver greater leverage and efficiencies in the provision of water to rural African communities.


Aqueduct Project in the Dominican Republic 

Living Instruments For Others (LIFO) is a 100% volunteer organisation that goes to the Dominican Republic each year to bring water to remote communities in the country. LIFO has seen that the major benefit of bringing water is not only to enhance sanitary conditions in the town but also to give children an opportunity to attend school on a full-time basis. Children will no longer be required to spend hours fetching water for the family from the nearest stream or river. Each year, Aspect purchases all the supplies needed to complete a project - PVC pipes, bricks, cement, steer bars and tools. 


The Place2Be 

Aspect has been supporting the London based charity ThePlace2Be for a number of years. The Place2Be is a school-based counselling service, dedicated to improving the emotional wellbeing of children, their families and the whole school community. Children today have all sorts of worries from friendships to bereavement, domestic violence, gang culture or crime. By supporting children, this charity gives them the chance to grow up with prospects rather than problems.



Aspect has worked closely with the UK based charity Beanstalk for several years. Beanstalk is a national charity that gives one-to-one literacy support to children in primary schools in the most deprived areas of England. Their vision is a nation of confident children who can read and grow up to lead successful lives. They aim to achieve this by working with primary schools to provide high quality literacy support through trained volunteer reading helpers who dedicate their time to give children a brighter future.