As a systematic investment manager, technology is at the centre of everything that we do.

Software Development 

The Software Development Team designs, builds and maintains Aspect’s highly automated front-through back office trading systems.


The trading systems are Java-based. Back end technologies include SQL Server, JMS and distributed caching technologies. We use IntelliJ and Git when developing. Our tools and processes are designed to ensure we produce software of the highest quality and deliver it to production safely and efficiently. For example, we have built a highly automated continuous integration, continuous delivery and automated testing system using Git and TeamCity that we are constantly evolving.


The development process is agile, highly collaborative and focuses heavily on continuous improvement. Daily stand-ups, retrospectives, pairing and TDD are standard. We are always experimenting with new technologies, techniques and ways of working. We hone our craft by participating in and hosting software community events. We also attend conferences and engage directly with thought-leaders in various technical disciplines.

Research Technology

The Research Technology team plays a vital role at Aspect providing high quality quantitative software and financial data for use by our front office applications, signal generation engine and quantitative research users.  The Research Technology team uses the same agile approach as the Development team, working in a highly collaborative and innovative environment.

IT Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure team is responsible for Aspect’s vast technology estate. We run over 400 servers (a mix of Linux and Windows) from two data centres, provide technical support to all of our users across the whole business and 24 hour support to our London-based Trading team.


We are always on the lookout for talented generalists to join our team who are interested in working with a broad range of technologies with a view to enhancing their careers in an open and engaging environment.

Interested in joining Aspect?

If a career in Technology at Aspect Capital is of interest to you, please check the careers page for open vacancies or submit your CV under 'Speculative Applications' so we have it on file for future opportunities.